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The Cowboys lost to the Eagles on Sunday, and two key Cowboys players lost some money for their actions during the game.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was fined $10,609 for unsportsmanlike conduct for flexing over and talking to Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

And Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs was fined $9,577 for unsportsmanlike conduct for taking off his helmet after an Eagles touchdown.

Parsons, who drew a 15-yard penalty, said after the game that he knows he can’t cost his team like that.

“It’s just passion of the game. You play the game with passion, you play it with heart, and sometimes you might overdo it,” Parsons said. “Football’s a game of a talk trash and hitting people. And I thought it [the flag] was a little bit late, but I’ve got to be accountable for that and not give up the first down for my team.”

Although fans and players often complain that the NFL’s crackdown on taunting takes things too far, the league has made clear that players will continue to be flagged and fined when they do it.