The Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords to Date

outsource or hire content marketing team
Should You Outsource or Hire a Content Marketing Team?
August 26, 2015

We’ve showcased the best infographics of 2015 so far this year. And this one we’re about to share just might make the cut.

Jessica Freeman said that “Keywords are like velcro.”

“Think of the content on your website as the fuzzy half of Velcro®, and all of the keywords are the little stringy bits that stick out. Without these little stringy bits, the hooks on the other half have nothing to grab onto.”

These keywords are the ones responsible for ushering in traffic to your website. And it’s an absolute must for you to be able to connect and acquire leadership in these keywords. This need has led Google to create a revenue stream out of it.

Keyword value
Since some specific keywords like “structure settlements” and “best car accident lawyers” are consistently topping search queries in Google, they have earned a lot of value. How much that keyword costs depends, in part, on how often people search for it — the more people search for a certain keyword, the more expensive it is.

The Most Expensive Keywords
With the help of the folks at SEMrush, WebpageFX figured out which keywords have the highest cost-per-click in Google AdWords. If you’ve ever wondered what the most expensive keywords on Google are, then look no further than the infographic below from WebpageFX.


Kevin Joshua Ng
Kevin Joshua Ng
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