7 Simple, Actionable Landing Page Optimizations to Convert Leads

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In order to attract potential customers, we should be able to produce an awesome Ad copy so potential leads will click our ads. However, the bottom-line should still result to a conversion. In order for us to convert clickers into leads, we need to plan an effective strategy, and a way to do this is through landing page optimization. Here are the important elements your landing pages should contain to make your landing pages to conversion machines.

Effective Headline

Often times, an effective headline is all it takes to capture the mind of your prospects. According to a study, 8 out of 10 online visitors will read as much as 2 paragraphs in your copy. So an effective headline has to do the following in quick succession: convey meaning + capture fascination.

landing page optimization Headlines delivered clear and simple.

Explain to your potential customers who you are, the service or product you’re offering, and the benefits they will enjoy from it.

Use secure forms

Another way for a landing page to be effective in converting is to be a catalyst of conversion. What does this mean? If you can expedite the buyer’s journey, that is, if you can make them a way to get a hold of your product/service fast, that will be a huge advantage for you. Claim-your-free-My-Copyblogger-membership However, prospects don’t usually give up information easily unless they feel secured or at ease. That’s why you need to make extra efforts to promise them that their information won’t be used for malicious activities. Do this and you will mine data worth more than gold: contact details, best time to call, and demographics.

Indicate location and contact details

Another way to convince your prospects is to be open and honest about your company’s information, mainly your physical location and contact details. These simple adjustments/additions to your landing pages make a ton of difference in the perception of your prospects. They’ll know that whoever they’re dealing with is real and trust will therefore be gained.

Communicate your value proposition

landing page optimization A value proposition is simply a statement of your pertinent benefits.

Your value proposition should also be explained clearly in such a way that prospects could easily identify what’s going to be in it for them once they subscribe to your newsletter or purchase an annual license to your product. Your value proposition is also a great targeting and funneling tool so you’d know what works best for each audience you’re prospecting.

Post client list and testimonials

Client-Testimonials---Cision Word-of-mouth, especially from those credible and reputable sources is the most important trust signal you can give off to convince your prospect. Having a client testimonial makes the customers want to try your service. Make sure you give them a way to immediately try your service along side your testimonial landing page.

Add Videos

By the end of the year, videos will contribute to more than half of all content available online. Also, landing pages with videos convert as much as up to 1.8x of consumers than those pages without video in them. The fastest way to convey your brand’s identity, your services and products is through a video. Make sure you’re utilizing it the right way. If you don’t know how to start or if you’re looking for a guide to start, check out our Start-up Guide to Online Video Marketing Post.

Optimize landing page for mobile friendliness

The grip of online mobile users can’t be ignored anymore; mobile web users have already exceeded those who are going online using a desktop or laptop. If you want to be in touch with your prospects every hour of every day, then you should be accessible in every way. Make sure that your landing pages are optimized for mobile.

Aileen Lualhati
Aileen Lualhati
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