Should You Outsource or Hire a Content Marketing Team?

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outsource or hire content marketing team

If your company has not embraced content marketing yet, you might be missing out on a lot of good stuff, like the following insights from these statistics here:
• 67 percent of consumers say custom content helps them make better purchasing decisions.
Content marketing costs 62% LESS than traditional marketing and generates about THREE times as many leads.
• Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links.
Companies that blog more than 15 times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog.

The bottom-line is: you should start investing in content marketing.

Have you decided?
Is your answer yes? That’s great! Now, what?

The next great question to answer is: how can I incorporate content marketing to what I’m doing? There are two paths that will lead you to this:

Path 1 – Create a Content Marketing team
Path 2 – Outsource to a Content Marketing agency

Understanding Benefits of Each One

A good place to begin is with understanding the benefits of both outsourced and internal content marketing. First, let’s take a look at the benefits of outsourced content marketing.

A third-party content marketing agency will offer you a very specialized set of services that include a higher level of content marketing acumen than traditional marketers, a greater ability to capture the voice of your brand since they’re from the outside looking in, and more.

Some companies have also saved precious capital by outsourcing content marketing. The reason is: doing content marketing on their own takes so much of their time and resources that it ends up being less cost-effective. While outsourcing content marketing will certainly require a financial investment, you may well make up for it with what you gain in productivity.

On the other hand, if you have a sizable amount of capital to work with, having your very own content marketing team will make sense in the long run because you’ll have your in-house agency that works for you 24/7, 365, at your every beck-and-call—something agencies can rarely offer. With a team, you have the ability to alter projects on the fly while maintaining the brand voice and quality with ease. However, it takes time to build a team’s chemistry and mold them to become a solid and productive team. But once you achieve this, you’re going to have a very powerful arsenal at your disposal.

If you want to take this route, there are five critical positions you must fill in. These are:
1. Content Marketing Manager: They will be captaining the ship and provide expertise on how to make content work for you. This is the most critical position, and the first one to be filled in.

2. Writer: The one who will set the creative tone in motion. Even though images and videos are much more effective content assets than texts, none of these will come to life without the foundation of a great copy.

3. Graphic designer: This is one of the first specialist positions that must be filled in. Designers have an eye for the aesthetic and know how to command tools and programs in order to create masterful images.

4. Web Developer: The second specialist position, they usually put together all the assets that the writer and designer made, and puts them in the website—a vessel that will carry these assets and showcase them in such a way that the assets’ objectives are met. They usually have SEO backgrounds as well.

5. Videographer: The last of the specialist position, videographers are on the rise because of the major advantages that video has proven in content marketing in the past two years.

Finding The Right Match

Regardless of the path you’ve chosen, you need to find the right match to serve you well. Here are some tips on how to find the right match that’ll deliver your needs:

Content Marketing Agency
– Find a firm with the right personnel and adequate technology, as well as browsing reviews and recommendations.

– You should research them, ask for examples and jump on a call to learn about their process, among other checks.

– Your outsource provider should be in constant communication, askiing questions about the project’s scope and collecting information about the specs to make sure they will give you what you want.

– Most agencies will provide you an assurance policy, ask about this.

– You also want to find an agency that is dedicated to ongoing improvement because content marketing and the digital world is always in a state of influx.

– Ask them about their communication standards, results, reporting, experience, and whatever else will enable you to feel comfortable and make an informed decision.

On the other side, if you’ve chosen to hire your own content marketing team, always start from the top, the manager, then work your way down to the assistants. According to Digital Marketer, to make the right hire you’ll need to find a candidate with the right personality attributes to be successful as a Content Marketing Manager:

– Primary personality attributes required of a Content Marketing Manager are: creative, able to lead people and manage projects, strategic, organized.

– The secondary personality attributes required of a Content Marketing Manager are: analytical, technical, and can make tactics on the fly

– They must have skills on the following disciplines: SEO, content creation, social media, editing, lead generation, and analytics.

Once you’ve nailed this down, you’re pretty much halfway through. The best practice here is to let the content manager hire his/her own members.

Kevin Joshua Ng
Kevin Joshua Ng
Kevin is Content Marketing’s humble scribe. He has no doubt in his mind that Content is still king and he will serve it ‘til the day of his demise. He’s known to lurk around the walls of social media, thinking and writing. So follow him on the BuiltbySF blog and on LinkedIn, Twitter.

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