The Most Shareable Keywords in Social Media to Date

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most shareable keywords to date

This post was originally featured in Hubspot’s blog by Jami Oetting.

A quick way to know what your audiences are currently into and up to is Keyword research. It’s an extremely important tactic that every content marketer must always incorporate in his strategy.

According to vWriter: One of the keys to establishing a successful website content strategy is to create content that appeals to your specific marketplace.

This means you need to create content that your customers are in search of. In this way, they’ll find you and you’ll get a chance to offer what you have. And with social media, your customers will also serve as your “freelance” marketers that share your offers with possibly the same, like-minded people. Solid keyword research gives you a look at what your customers are finding. Use this to lead them to you.

In addition to this, let us also give you a peek at what specific keywords customers were interested in and shared the most.

From the start of the year,, a content marketing tool for researching what makes the most buzz in the Web, gathered data on nearly 500,000 articles published from January 1 to April 30, 2015. We’ve highlighted the most common keywords found in the top shared articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest for each category.

The Most Shareable Keywords in Social Media


most shareable Analytics keywords

How-to articles and those about Google analytics and data lead the top-shared articles in the category.


most shareable baking keywords

People who share on Google+ are partial to bacon, while LinkedIn users favor dark chocolate.


most shareable Beauty keywords

Image-focused words such as swatches, video, tutorial, and photos rule the beauty category.


most shareable Business keywords

On Pinterest, people are looking for attire suggestions, while on Twitter, people are more interested in how-to posts.

Content Marketing

most shareable Content Marketing keywords

Words such as way, tips, and key signal that readers in this category are looking for insider information and how-tos.


most shareable design keywords

Consumers of content focused on design are more likely to share articles containing the words home or house.


most shareable fashion keywords

Illustrated is a word not seen in any other category on this list, so it could be a useful term to try out in your next fashion-focused post.


most shareable education keywords

For the education category, words such as free, watch online, and download are included in highly shared articles.


most shareable entrepreneur keywords

Entrepreneurs want to read about — and are more likely to share — articles with entrepreneur in the title. If you are looking to connect with this audience, gain their attention by using their term.


most shareable marketing keywords

Content and search terms dominate this list of terms, but infographics are more highly shared on Pinterest than other platforms. Try using a ‘Pin It’ button on your graphics.


most shareable science keywords

For science topics, use words such as brain, smart, and future.

Social Media

most shareable social media keywords

Posts about Facebook do well on every social network, while Twitter-focused and Pinterest-focused titles only perform well on their respective platforms.


most shareable startups keywords

Mobile subjects rule when it comes to the world of startups.

Kevin Joshua Ng
Kevin Joshua Ng
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