7 Ways to Increase Your Link Popularity Without Link Building

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June 19, 2015
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Let’s face it: links are still one of the biggest factors on ranking your way to the top of search engines. Links will always be a measuring stick that dictates the quality of a website amongst others. Links are like votes; that hasn’t changed and will not change in the foreseeable future.

However, the game in acquiring links has evolved. Link metrics back then is as simple as checking for Google page rank and relevancy. But today, a quality link should have quality signals and many more factors (like content, niche, etc.) have to be considered before a link will be seen as an authority.

The most prominent practice in acquiring links is link building. But based on experience, it can eat up a lot of your time.

But have you ever wondered if there was faster way? What if link building doesn’t exist? How could my website get links?

Here are seven easy ways to acquire links without really doing link building:

1. Be Lovable, Be Linkable

If you want to win links, make sure that your website is fit to be linkable. Gone are the days of hard selling product and service pages. If you want to win links without link building, your website should give your visitors reasons why they have to come back to your site and possibly link to you.

2. Brand Your Materials

Always add a company logo and URL to your materials. If your website has images that are owned by the company, make sure your brand is written all over it. Update your branding guidelines to accommodate the various collaterals made available by the digital platform. White papers should always include a URL or logo (if possible) beneath the document. If you are giving away eBooks and guides that can be printed – adding a logo and URL can help a lot in winning links.

3. Happy Customers is equal to Good Business Links

link promotion without link building
Deliver the best product and service that you can provide to make your customers happy. Your happy customers will recommend your business and become your free ambassadors. They will empower your social presence and build your community at the same time. Happy customers who blog will give you a link or two and tell everyone how good your product and service is.

4. Great Content Wins Links

It’s no secret, if you want to earn links – have great content! Content consumerism makes the internet world go round. Without content, internet is a useless piece of technology. People link to you because your high-quality and usable content deserves a reward. The next time you produce a content, ask yourself the following questions:
 Do I love the content that I am going to publish?
 Will my readers love this content?
 Will it earn social media shares?
 Will it get links?

Move to the next item to get inspirations. 🙂

5. Visualization and Images

High-quality content gets links. If you couple that with beautiful and visually appealing design and you will surely, without a doubt, earn links.
Here is a list of great contents will inspire your content production:

Dumb Ways to Die by Metro Trains in Australia

Dollar Shave Club Videos is one of the best examples amongst video productions for marketing. Imagine simple razor product and how you can sell it and beat power brands.

Distance To Mars – by David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams



6. Job Boards and For Hires are Easy Target

By far the easiest way to get links is to take advantage of job boards particularly on schools and colleges. The technique is simple, email the human resource office, ask if you can post a job posting copy on their page – get links.

See more at:

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7. Advocacy and Dedication

Nothing beats advocacy and dedication. In helping others, you’re also selling your idea to the customers. The easiest way to get rewarded by links is to make other people know about your advocacy. Help people and share your expertise on your niche topics.

Start or join a community that is related to your business – See AMEX community page



Track product and service related inquiries online. Reply and participate whenever you can.



Jayson Bagio
Jayson Bagio
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