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It’s been one of the more well-known best practices to refresh and re-post past content to augment your content marketing strategy.

And in one of our previous blog entries, we’ve documented that this tactic has worked fine with e-mail newsletters.

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Now, we’re putting this idea on another test–this time with retweets. Social media managers have long been trying out ways to test their Tweets and see how they will perform in the open seas. There are two main indicators that they’re going to monitor: click-through and retweets.

However, A/B testing usually takes time to mature. Thankfully, researchers from Cornell have recognized this fact and they went on to make a free tool that automatically tells you which Tweet will get more retweets, based on the algorithm they came up with.

free testing tool for retweets

They did this by investigating the tactic of re-posting blog entries or articles. They looked at the effect of wording on sending multiple messages through Twitter. Because of this, they came up with an algorithm that could successfully predict which variation of the same tweet would receive more retweets.

Here are the factors that the researchers have identified as being helpful for re-posting content. Their significance is based on the order they’re set.

  1. Informativeness – (Focusing on length, word usage, nouns, adjectives, and verbs)
  2. Speak the language of your community and be consistent with how you communicate with them (in terms of manner and frequency)
  3. Mimic news headlines
  4. Solid and direct Call-to-actions – Use words like “RT, Retweet, spread, please”
  5. Use highly descriptive words. – Can either be positive or negative. As long as the message creates impact.
  6. Use third-person singular – He, she, it, and one
  7. Generality helps – Use indefinite articles like a, an

You can also test your knowledge on which tweet will be retweeted more by answering the quiz they set-up.

Personally, I got an 8/10 score–good for 80% accuracy.

retweet tool score quiz

If you want to read up about the whole research, see also: The effect of wording on message propagation: Topic- and author-controlled natural experiments on Twitter whitepaper

please retweet

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