The 2015 SEO Periodic Table Success Factors (Infographic)

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At last, the first and foremost “Poster” for every SEO professional or digital marketer has been released today: The 2015 SEO Periodic Table!

This new edition will help you be updated with the various positive and negative ranking factors that affect your website’s search engine rankings. There are factors that remain unchanged like page loading speed, headers, shares, paid links, and piracy.

download 2015 seo periodic table

SearchEngineLand’s 2015 SEO Periodic Table

However, there have been new additions like:

  • Cv: Vertical Search – Unlike general web search, vertical search deals with specified/topical search of content like images, videos, lists, maps, etc.
  • Ca: Direct Answers – Content picked off from your webpage/site that can provide direct answers to searchers through the Knowledge Graph indicates a strong ranking signal for SEO.
  • Ah: HTTPS – Making your webpages go through SSL or TLS protocols (secure communications network) is a priority of Google. That’s why it’s going to bear weight in ranking.


While others have been upgraded:

  • Am: Mobile – In the last iteration of the SEO periodic table, Mobile ranking only bore a +1 score. Now, it’s been doubled to +2 because of the recent changes like the #Mobilegeddon mobile-friendliness algo update by Google. If you still haven’t optimized your webpages for mobile-friendliness, read our Mobile-friendliness How-to guide.
  • Hs: Structured Data, Th: History, Te: Engagement – All having +2 counts to ranking factor.
  • Vs: Stuffing, Vp: Spam – Both negative factors concerning bad SEO practices. They are upgraded to -2 and -3 respectively.


Our friends at have been very generous to let us host and promote this wonderfully relevant tool. We suggest you do the same!

Go here to get the embed codes for the infographic.

Download the PDF version here.

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